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We do more than just explain

Animated Explainer Video

Our goal is to make sure you get an explainer video that reveals who you are with a clear-cut view of your value proposition helping you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

How it works

Watch some of the explainer videos we have created to help businesses explain what they do and what problem their product, service, or app can solve.


Idea and research

We need to first learn about your project, its intended audience and its goals. After taking the time to understand your company and your goals for the video, we then do our own research to learn about your industry, competitors and your customers.


Scripting/ tell your story

We don’t have robot writers mashing out the same stories. Our qualified scribes are some of the greatest storytellers in the industry. Once we’ve decided on a direction, we’ll then craft together a script that artfully and effectively conveys your message.


Voice checking

We source a few voiceover samples from professional voiceover artists. You’ll select a professional from our hand-picked group of male and female voice artists to deliver your very important message. Once an artist is approved, we send the approved script for final voiceover. Post this stage, no changes are allowed to either script or voiceover.


Theme design & virtual story board

We come up with various styles and themes for the video. Once a style is approved, we complete all scenes and send you the visual storyboard.


Animation & production

Once Script and voiceover are approved, our animators will commence animation. We start with the video production. In case of animation video, we create the required art, assets and motion/2d/3d animation. All visual appeal elements will be taken care of in this stage. We will complete the video within 3 rounds of revisions before deeming it perfect for you.


Sound Effect and Editing

Our editors will add audio to each video where applicable and where they will make the most impact.



Once the videos are completed, we will deliver each in HD quality and in formats that can best fit your systems. We also share files based on device and size of screening.

Why choose Explainer videos to promote your business

Using an animated explainer video can help your company generate leads, reduce bounce rates, foster brand awareness, and increase conversions.

Simplifies Your Message

Explain your idea in a simple & interesting way so that you won’t turn your audience off.

Increase sales

Sites with video have more sales than without videos.

Drives Traffic

Get more highly targeted audience to your website who could be your potential leads.

Builds Trust

Keeps the customers engaged to your site for a longer time.

Increases Conversions

A great video can help to convert more and more leads into your actual customers.

More Shares

Videos get more reach and shares in social media, helping you promote your business.

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