School Bus Tracking

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School Bus Tracker App is a complete solution for ensuring school transportation safety and better fleet management. Our School Bus Tracking features helps school authorities, parents, transport managers, etc which ensures student safety inside and outside the school bus.

  • School Bus Route Planner
  • Auto Optimization
  • Online Payment System
  • Trip Card
  • Tracking Management
  • Auto Routing
  • Auto Allocation
  • Excursion Management
  • Two Factor Attendance

Parent App Module

A Helping Hand for Parents.

As a parent, your child’s safety is your main concern. No parents want to have their children wait for the bus at the bus stop any longer than they need to, nor they want them to miss the bus. Therefore, Agraz helps you built a real-time connection between the bus, the route and the parents to have the location of the buses and reduce the waiting time.

Our school bus tracker app solution offers the parents plenty of features and benefits.

  • Allows Parents to know about the whereabout of their child’s school bus.
  • Instant Notifications on reaching the milestones.
  • Ensure safety and timely transit of students to school and back.
  • Peace of mind and reduced waiting time at bus stops every day.

Driver App Module

Optimised Bus Route that Reduces Turnaround Time.

Our Online School Bus Tracker App not only looks after the benefits of the parent but also have a dedicated app for the school bus administrator/ School Bus Drivers.

It helps bus driver ensure that no bus stop has been skipped and all the children are picked from the respective stops. Some of the special features of the Driver Side Application of Agraz include:

  • Easy to Use Mobile Application
  • Optimized Bus Route
  • Notification on reaching the child’s nearby location
  • Ability to receive real-time data
  • Regular updates about the next bus-stop
  • Reduces turnaround time and fuel consumption

School Admin Portal

It is a School Web Portal into which school administrator would log in to manage the school bus fleet. The admin has the access to manage the complete system from registering the parents and drivers to optimizing the bus route and tracking every single detail about the School Bus. The admin controls the start and end of the trip as well.

  • Real-time Bus Tracking
  • Optimized Bus Routes
  • Controls every School Bus trip

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Our Mobile Application Solution is designed and developed for the convenience of parent and school administration and is well equipped with great features.

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