Our Process

We design and develop the best strategy for every project

Case Study

We believe leads are worth pursuing for.

Let say, “ABC” is an eCommerce site that serves as an attractive medium for the customers to buy wheel repairing machines with other accessories that are related to products on the website by paying the amount through PayPal payment options. Customer can register over the website and then search for the product using the search bar and enter the keywords and related terms into the bar. This will bring out a list of the products as per the criteria defined by the particular user. From there, a user can choose the product, check its description, and can add it to the cart. One can also add multiple products and purchase them at once.

Payment Gateway for E-Commerce

Different payment gateways have been integrated to accept the payment. We designed the pages for proposed website and a logo as well as promotional video provided by the clients to the homepage of the website.

We integrated the Woo Commerce plugin over the site. Paypal payment gateway is also integrated on the site to help the customers pay their respective amount for particular products mentioned on the website.

Why they choose us?

ABC chose Scientific Webs due to our extensive experience in the web marketing world, mobile app development and other sorts of application development which makes us better than others.

What we served them with?

The motive of the proposed web solution was to purchase products from anywhere, from any device by easily searching the respective products and entering relevant terms. The payment could be made through the integrated payment gateway on the website and the website was also capable of navigating.

Scientific Webs continues to provide expertise and services in support of ABC’s ongoing program of website development.

Development Methodology

We use the best framework to structure and plan the project.

Why Scientific Webs?

At Scientific Webs our main aim is to plan, analyse, design and develop great and best projects. We plan our work process for a better output and customer satisfaction.

Timely Delivery

Our team puts every required effort to deliver the quality project within the deadline with proper support.

Efficient Management

Our managers are highly skilled and qualified to manage the technical and communication issues.

Cost Effective

We try our best to provide the most cost effective rates to our clients and focuses on delivering the right returns.

Client Satisfaction

We provide unlimited revisions to the projects before and after the final delivery until the client is completely satisfied.

What We Offer?

We focus on working methodologies that are meant to perform wonders to the client’s demand. We aim to gain maximised efficiency in the development and work to get the highest quality results.

In-Depth Analysis

Before initializing, we prefer to adopt an in-depth analysis approach to gain appropriate requirements, understand the demand and know how effectively we can create it.

Redefining Project Development

We divide the project in cycles and have full control on the steps taken at each phase. We analyze the project risks, ensure effective performance.

Constant Quality Monitoring

We ensure that for every project we handle customers must be satisfied. Our mission is to create successful outputs and satisfied customers.

After Support

To continue the established relation with our clients, we provide the one month free service after the project delivery.

Architecture and Strategy

We plan, strategies, design and execute the website project.

Developing a Great Website

The best websites are organised and designed in a way that is intuitive, scalable and familiar. Strategic Web Architecture is one of the essential step towards the great poject.

Website architecture and strategy is about designing and planning of the website and includes the efficient, technical and visual specifications. While in the traditional architecture, the primary focus is laid on users and user specifications. However, with changing times, the methodologies have changed for better. Holding a legacy of expertise and technical knowledge, Scientific Webs configures and focuses on user-centric designs. We at Scientific Webs are not merely focused on concentrating on innovative ideas but also reliant on enriching the custom technical designs.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be attractive, visually and architecturally. Creativity comes to us naturally and we have been doing it for past several years. Our team not only focuses on the requirements of the clients but also works hard to make the end product mesmerizing. With every single product, we launch, our expertise of the subject increases and we always try to bring our something brilliant that leaves past other works and make you reach higher business range.

Why choose us?

Project Quality

Many clients have been our partner due to innovation and creativity.


We have dedicated communication links with the clients throughout the process.

In Budget

A dedicated account manager that will take care of daily updates.


Complete satisfaction is guaranteed to our clients for each project they offer.

What We Will Offer You?


We own a dedicated team that works on proven strategy appropriate for project

Attractive Projects

Innovative designs that are visually appealing to catch the target audience.


Developing tending designs and new technologies to evolute new designs.

Quality Assurance

Design that is simple and caters the needs of business.

Project Communication Strategy

We believe in planning & strategizing as they are the base of development.

Effective communication is one of the most important keys to success

Executing project in an efficient manner is an art and is also crucial for the development team to understand the requirement properly. Effective communication is one of the most important keys to success. After the execution of project effectively, Scientific Webs understands the importance of flawless communication and we strive hard to develop a flawless communication channel that starts from you and ends on our team, all synchronised through project leader.

Project Analysis

We collaborate to analyse requirements and decide the methods to execute the project after getting the requirements.

Work Division

Our Work division is made according to the expertise and skills of the individual to produce effective work results.

Single Point Communication

We believe in single point communication and allot a member of our team to each client for better communication.


It helps to keep things organised, well structured and informed. Everything is handled by the team manager himself.

Privacy And Security

Understanding the importance of privacy, we keep the client’s project and data hidden in order to keep them safe.

Weekly Updates

We adopt the approach of weekly updating to improve the workflow and keep the client updated about the project status.

Project Delivery

Once the project has been completed and we get the confirmation from the client side, we made the final delivery.

Post Maintenance Support

We believe in post maintenance support to build a healthy relationship with the client. We assist them with the issues.

Hire Developers?


We eagerly invite all our clients and visitors to have a word with us in case of any query. Interested individuals can contact us anytime for any kind of assistance related to our products and services.



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